Rave Reviews for The Resolutionary War

When Brenda suggests that family and friends write New Year resolutions, share them, and follow their monthly progress, no one anticipates the startling revelations and upheavals that follow. And Brenda doesn't even know why she proposed this idea because she cannot divulge her real resolution.

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Sandy Chase and Violet April Ebersole

Rave Reviews for The Resolutionary War Book Cover

From the first page, your attention is gripped! With great character development, The Resolutionary War captures the local culture. The authors tell a story that touches the essence of every women's life, struggles, and triumphs — reflecting the transcendent power of resolutions.

— Michele Frith Szabo, Challenge Coordinator, Women's Resource Center of Sarasota County

Love, faith, humor, grief, expectations, exhilaration — all find a place in this novel. A gratifying story of how the power of community supports the individuals who make it what it is.

— Linda Maree, writer, writing coach, and consultant

The Resolutionary War is a fast, gripping read you won't be able to put down.  Courage and complexity and many surprises keep you reading into the night as you uncover the unexpected effects on Brenda's resolutionary group and on the lives of those they love.

— Ora Mendels, Author, Mandela's Children, A Taste for Treason, and Family Wars:  A Novel of Modern Israel